Seasonal rentals and stay in Carroz and Flaine

Entrust us with your property

Entrusting your assets to a third party and putting them at the disposal of people you don't know is a delicate process that requires a relationship of trust. We approach this relationship as a genuine partnership in which communication and honesty are essential values.

A team on a human scale ready to listen

Reasons to choose us!

Our Commitments

  • A relationship with our property owners based on listening, providing information, transparency, and availability.
  • A "good family father" management style both in choosing our clientele and in maintaining your property.
  • Constant questioning and regular financial investment to stay competitive and at the forefront of new technologies (competitive analysis, website development, etc.).
  • Guidance in together considering changes that would optimize the profitability of your assets.

To formalize our commitments, this partnership is formalized by a management mandate, which commits you for a year and is renewed by tacit agreement during 10 years.

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Your on-site contacts

Carroz / Flaine
Mr Jean Jacques ATTAL


Carroz / Flaine
Mr VERICEL Julien and Mme BRON Marie


Carroz / Flaine
Mr Jean Jacques ATTAL


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